Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thermoforming Conversion Case Stories - Technically Speaking!

Of the many advantages that plastic thermoforming offers perhaps the most advantageous is the ability to covert products previously produced using other materials into a thermoplastic component more suitable for the application. The reasons for converting products into plastics can range from production economics to performance and aesthetics characteristics.

Typical conversion development processes are as follows:
   - Sheet Metal to Plastic
   - Fiberglass to Plastic
   - Wood Fabrication to Plastic
   - Plastic Sheet Fabrication to Plastic

Because thermoform tooling is very inexpensive relative to other plastic fabrication process like injection molding or blow molding and molds can often be developed without CAD data or technical drawings the process of converting to plastics is both economical and fast. In many cases, prototypes can be molded from “soft” tooling (wood or epoxy) that can be produced at a very low cost during a very fast turnaround time – many times within a few days.  This keeps the risk factor low and keeps the critical time to market short.

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